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So I`m posting again~~ woow… yeah I`m way to lazy… So here`s a little study.. I`m working on my freaking shading.. cos that shit is hard. And  I love tea. <3


Just  a quick sketch I did last night… <3

My last sketch colored.. ^-^

Sketch~~~~ ^-^

I just sketched my favorite boy from Brothers Conflict.. Can I just touch his face cos he is so perfect… *w*.. TwT…


I`m thinking about putting a table in front of her and some I have no idea what in the background..  but I`m too lazy to do it now… And I`m really satisfied with the way my dress looks..<3.. 

WooHoo~~ So It`s Taemin`s b-day.. 

There are so many things I could say but God, I`m so lazy… :)) 

Well exactly one year ago I signed in to tumblr. Big mistake. JK, it was probably one of the best decisions I ever took!<3

Exactly one year ago I would stay all day and watch you, stupid Taebaby, dance and sing, and I swear those were the best days ever!

It`s been one year and a half since I became a shawol. One year and a half filled with your happy eyes. You always cheered me up when I was the saddest, when I had nothing to believe in. There was you. It was always you. Because of you I`m going to the art high school, because of you I still dance, because of you I can smile today. Sounds a bit exagerated, I know, but it`s true.

It`s sad that I cannot do the same for you, be there for you and cheer you up. God didn`t want it to be like that. Even if there are barriers, my love will always reach you, and not only mine. All the Shinee World is here too<3

I really want to thank you,personaly, one day, for making my life so perfect, for simply existing!<3

I will always love you<3

Teo by why-just-silence


Cristina Perri by why-just-silence

Some fashion/chibi sketches I did at school because.. fuck I hate school T_T

Just a way too sensitive Shawol, future stylist, fashion designer or singer (not sure yet, maybe all of them), in love with fashion, music, photography, drawing and a lot of other things....
Hope you`ll have a nice time visiting<3
Love you all!!!

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